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 Dr. Somyos Kunachak is a Professor who have been teaching at a medical school for more than 20 years. He has been a licensed medical practitioner for more than 22 years and has practised in the laser surgery field for over 15 years In addition to being a Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery , he was certified by American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and has kept his skills at world-class levels by additional education and training.He has completed courses at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, The International Academy of Aesthetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine,and the North American Academy of Cosmetic and Restorative surgery.
He has served on the Advisory Board of Asia-Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Additional information is available on request. more...
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In the past people spent a fortune in their quest to eliminate unwanted hair, often utilizing methods that only provided a short-term solution. Now, laser hair removal technology offers a gentle non-invasive treatment that is long lasting and gives good results for all types of unwanted
hair problems.

 Laser Hair Removal Enables
Effective treatment of all hair colors from dark brown and black to blond and grey and from fine
to coarse.
Removal of hair from all skin types from pale white to dark brown complexions.
Remove hair from all parts of the body including the face, underarms, back arms legs and bikini lines, no matter how deep the follicles.

The damaged hair and follicles are eliminated by the body's natural physiological process.

 Spectral Wavelength
The Laser Hair Removal System broad spectrum. The wavelength is adjusted to hair and skin color.

Overview | Specifications | Technologies | Photo Gallery

How the Laser Works
Before Treatment, the wavelength is adjusted based on the melanin content of the targeted hair and surrounding skin. The intense pulsed light precisely targets the hair follicle without damaging
the epidermis.

During Treatment the laser's intense pulsed light elevates the temperature of the hair, which, in turn, conducts heat to the follicle. This causes damage to the germinative cells responsible
for growth.

After Treatment, the damaged hair and follicle are eliminated by a natural physiologic process, resulting in long-term depilation.

 Now there is a better solution for unwanted hair
As a woman, you may be surprised to learn that just about you entire body is covered with hair is fine and pale, it usually isn't visible to the naked eye. In fact, you may be surprised to know that the largest number of hair follicles is actually on your forehead.
When darker, coarser hair appears in places we don't like or expect - like on the face, neck, abdomen, breasts, or arms - or prevents us from wearing a high-cut bathing suit, shorts, or even a short skirt, it may be time to consider hair removal.


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