6 Mistakes That Men Make With Their Hair


Gentlemen, stop thinking that your hair product is causing hair loss. Your hair product is not causing your hair to fall out. I receive many emails from guys that are flipping out, thinking that their hair product is making their hair fall out. They do their hair, and they look it through “Oh my god, there’s hair, it must be falling out.”  That’s not making your hair fall out. But that being said, there are six things that I see men doing that are screwing up there would be and could be luscious locks.



Number one – take it easy with the amount of heat that you are using on your hair, alright. Indirect heat like a hair dryer – no big deal. But if you are going in there with a flat iron to straighten it, or you are getting up on it with super high heat every single day, you will harm your hair.

Don’t Touch Your Hair


Mistake number two – touching your hair with your hands too often. Seriously, stop pulling, playing, touching your hair again and again. During the day you go, you check your hairstyle; you are like “Oh, I’m not as sexy as I should be or it could be.” Settle it a little, but get your fingers out of there. If your hair is always falling or moving, you are not using the right hair product, go with something with a higher hold or cut your hair shorter. The longer it gets, the harder it is actually to stand on.

Wash Your Hair


Number three – stop going too long in between shampooing. When you shampoo, you are cleaning a lot of the oil, the buildup, the gunk that builds up on not only your hair but your scalp as well. If you do not remove this on a regular basis, your follicles can become clogged. Because here’s the deal, your hair grows in different stages. One stage it goes a little bit dormant, and it is like “Yo, I’m going to chill for a little bit.” It is not a big deal. It starts again but if that follicle clogs, it can’t.

Choose Hair Product With Less Alcohol

Number four – if you want sexy hair, don’t use products that have a lot of alcohol in it. High alcohol means dry hair.

Don’t Use Cheap Hair Products


Mistake number five is buying inexpensive hair products, and when I say cheap, I mean poor quality. A lot of the mass-marketed hair product companies that you are going to see on the shelves of supermarkets have bad quality and ingredients. Will they make your hair fall out? No. Will they harm your hair and not have it be as healthy as possible? Yes. You should choose products that are as healthy for your hair as possible. Producers have specially infused them with essential oils and a lot of other botanicals that are not only good for your hair; they help heal your hair.

Time To Breathe

And last but certainly not least mistake is when your hair can’t breathe enough. And what I mean by this is not having hair product in it or on it all the time. A lot of guys do this thing, they style their hair with a product in the morning, and through all day they won’t shower before they go to bed. Some men don’t have a shower before sleep; then they get up, maybe they shower and scrub their head, but then they apply the product right away. It is my opinion, not necessarily anything I can back up by any scientific research, but you have to give your hair rest from the hair products.


Personally, I like to get a shower at night and wash my hair. I wash my hair every single day. One of the concerns that many guys have is that they aren’t washing their hair frequently enough and so you lose about a hundred to one hundred and twenty-five hairs naturally during the day. But if you are not cleaning your hair every day or two days, you go, and you put a product that’s sticky and gunky, you look at your hands stuck there, and freaking people out, gentlemen, the deal is this.

Hair products will not, hear me one more time, will not make your hair fall out. If you are balding, your hair will fall out. If you do not shampoo your hair, wash your head enough, you will have extra hair, but the product itself doesn’t make it drop out. No.  And if you stop doing these six things, your hair will be flowing with luscious amazingness and who doesn’t want that.

Addyi Female Libido Drug


For women, there is a type absence of desire that is caused by a neurological function in the brain. And there’s a medicine now that works, that impacts the neurological center in the brain, where this occurs in women. And it’s not the same way as the ED drugs.  So the drug Addyi came about when they decided that women sex drive needs to be increased because women are screaming for it, for the approval. There was a treatment for depression and the women who were depressed when they were beginning taking this medicine, they say “something started to happen sexually, I started to look at my husband differently again, I started to have fantasies in random moments again like a younger woman”. And then they say “gosh, this could be the magic bullet.”

We find a lot of our medications by accident; Viagra was supposed to be a blood pressure medication that turns out that it gave everybody an erection. So now it’s an erectile dysfunction drug. However the Addyi is working directly on the brain, and it’s increasing dopamine and norepinephrine, two of those neurological hormones or neurotransmitters that improve sex drive in a particular part of your brain. They have an observational way to measure it by looking at an MRI, they look at the MRI before when somebody says they don’t have any sex drive, and then they look at it after on Addyi and it increases.

Addyi Side Effects


You have this drug, you have to take, it should be prescribed by a physician who has been trained by this medication company to make it safe because it’s not very. It has a lot of side effects. So what are the side effects that I find to be disturbing is that when you take this drug, drops your blood pressure and causes you to faint. Now when people are on anti-seizure medication, where they could black out or faint, they’re not allowed to drive cars. So they haven’t given us any kind of warning here, but once there are a few car accidents because people are trying to get their sexuality back, it is doomed to be removed from our ability to get it. Because that is a huge problem.

The next problem is that 50% of the people that take this medication even if they don’t have the side effects, on 50% of people it doesn’t work on. And you have to take it for a month before you find out. That’s a huge problem, that’s a poor efficacy problem with testosterone, I meant the 90% of my patients who have the weak sexual desire, had excellent sexual desire three months later. So the advocacy or the ability to do what it says it’s going to do, is very low comparatively. So that’s disturbing to me as well. We already have a medication that’s not approved for us.

You can find a lot better product for your female sexual arousal called Vigorelle. This is a natural cream, that is designed for women who is suffering from the low libido and vaginal dryeness. You do not have to worry about pills and their side effects anymore, you do not need to wait the results for weeks. Apply the cream and enjoy sexual energy instantly. Here’s Vigorelle review, that is worth to read

VigRX Plus Penis Enhancement Formula Review 2018


We all know that when it comes to penis enhancement, there are some brands that have made a name for themselves. You can get a really good formula from brands such as VigRx, Maxim EX, and so many others. Despite so, there is one brand that really stands out from the pack when it comes to the best penis enhancement pills. You might have heard the name of it which is Vimax. Vimax is clearly one of the best penis enhancement formula that you can get in the world, and you should definitely try it. Here is a little bit a review to help you understand how good it is.

What does it do?


So you might be wondering what can a pill like Vimax do to your penis that you haven’t already known? Well, first of all, it really helps with the blood circulation from and to your penis area. In doing so, it can help you when dealing with sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction or a premature ejaculation. It will also give you very satisfying results in sex because you will have a firmer penis that lasts longer in bed. Your long lasting erection will also bring you to a better orgasm like you have never felt before.

Herbal ingredients  in it


Most penis enhancement that you will see in the market will contain so many unnecessary chemical substances. They are so not good for your body. For that very reason, it is better if you actually take Vimax that is made out of pure herbal ingredients. One of the main ingredients in the formula includes ginseng, which is known very commonly to boost energy and stamina in bed. It also contains something like cayenne pepper which is very good for your blood circulation. Some of the best herbals in the pills are Ginko Biloba, rice flour, and also oat straw.

Period of using

Generally, you will need to use this product for about nine weeks in total to see the maximum result. Despite so, you will see the first result right after using it for about four weeks. During the first four weeks, you will notice changes like better stamina and also increased libido. By the fifth and the eight weeks, you will see more enhancement in the area of satisfaction when you are having sex. Then you will enjoy all the best results after you consume the pills for about nine weeks. Vimax penis enhancement pills reviews are available here

Possible Side Effects


There are several possible side effects that you can expect from taking the pills, but you don’t have to worry because they are not major. There is really no major side effects from taking the Vimax pills except the fact that it costs you enough extra. However, it is very common that a high-quality product like Vimax pills would cost a little higher than the other products. Additionally, you will also have to wait around nine weeks to see results as we mentioned before which is quite a long time especially for those who are not that patient.

Penis Enlargement Patches Reviews

Insecure about the size of your penis is not a strange thing for men. It is actually pretty common. If you have a problem with taking pills or having surgery, it is better for you to take patches. Here are some of the best penis enlargement patches that we review for you.

Vimax Patch Review


Vimax is probably one of the most recognizable brands in the world of penis enlargement products. After pills and cream, now they have come up with a new product which is the vimax enlargement patches. They work just like other patches, by applying it to your skin regularly. The ingredients within the patches are Ginko Biloba, Horny goat weed, and also cayenne pepper among others. The product claims to be effective, and you shall see a progress four weeks and start noticing a significant result toward temporary effect after around ten weeks.

ProEnhance Penis Patch Review

ProEnhance-Patch (1)

Proenhance penis patch is one of the new products of patches in the market. They claim to be a hundred percent natural using only natural herbs despite not willing to reveal what they are. The main effects that you can get include bigger, longer, thicker penis and also increased libido and stamina. The patch should be used regularly every month for five straight months. From the experiment conducted and revealed at their website, most men will experience a change in the first month. They will also notice a growth in size around half to an inch after two months of using the patch.

Xcel Penis Enlargement Patch Review


Finally, there is also this slightly less famous product called the Xcel penis enlargement patch. The patch itself is made out of two combinations of substance. Both chemical and natural ingredients are within the patch such as Horny Goat Weed, Zinc, L-arginine, Boron and pumpkin seed among others. They claim to not only enlarge your penis, but they will also add more stamina and strength in bed. They recommend you to use this patch product for at least three months straight. For a three month package, you will only need to spend around thirty dollars in total.

How To Last Longer In Bed

I would like to quickly come back to the notion of breaking bad habits. From experience lasting longer in bed and curing premature ejaculation often starts with bad habits, most precisely bad habits regarding masturbation. Habits like ejaculating as fast as possible are relying on porn to get excited and have an orgasm we literally train ourselves to ejaculate quickly. And I know it is hard to change habits, especially when they were formed years and years ago. It is like quitting smoking or starting to eat better.


That is why I wanted to give you some support so that you have the right mindset to change and go on with the training. I found the simple four-step process to break all habits. So I’ll go over the four steps quickly with you.

4 steps to breaking old habits

Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is realize that you have a bad habit that you would like to break. You can do this by writing down all the things that you would like to change about yourself. In our case what habits do you have right now towards masturbation and sex that you know is not serving you.


Like I said it is a porn, it is that you can try to finish as fast as you can, are you ashamed when you masturbate, are you still tense when you have sex that you lose all control. Just be honest with yourself and write it down.

Step 2

The next thing you want to do is this all the right things that you’ll be able to gain from stopping the bad habits.What is that you would you like to accomplish? Is it to be able to last 30 minutes in bed, is it to continue as long as you want; is it to be able to have multiple orgasms; is it to have confidence that you can satisfy your partner? Write down exactly what you want to change your sex life and what you wish to achieve in this training.

Step 3

Now the real work starts. Whenever you try to stop doing something you need to replace it by doing something else. Good thing you already know what you’re going to replace your old habits with. You replace it with the first practice
that is to masturbate for at least 20 minutes; being conscious in the world of your own sensations. Scale your arousal and stop before you lose control.


Step 4

The truth is that it takes 30 days for something to actually become embedded in your mind as routine. So if you continue to do this consistently for 30 days. You will see results. This exercise should help you to have a clearer view of what you want out of this program; it will also help stick with it.

Now as promised I’ll share with you what I consider to be the most important part of lasting longer in bed; gaining control over our buns and even experiencing multiple orgasms. This secret is breathing. If you can’t control your breath, you can’t control your body. If you were looking for a magic pill that solves all problems, well I’m sorry to tell such thing doesn’t exist.

These exercises are helpful, when you’re fighting with Premature Ejaculation. But the best way to stay longer in bed is to take Delay pills, which are recommended for daily use. This is a natural formula that helps most of men in a matter of weeks. Just follow the instructions and you will star seeing changes in a few days. It’s all about control. If you can’t satisfy your partner because of an early ejaculation, you have to reduce the sensitivity of your penis. Natural herbs presented in Delay formula improve your sexual functions and you can increase your delay time by 15-20 minutes. That’s enough to satisfy your partner. If you want to learn more about Delay premature ejaculation pills, visit this site

What are the Worthy Breast Enlargement Methods?


Breast size still becomes the important matter for women. Having bigger boobs can effectively increase women’s confidence. In this post, I’ll tell you some common breast enlargement questions and answer that will be really helpful for you. You can see the methods that are worth to try.

Does breast cream effective?

To enlarge the breast, you can try to use some traditional methods that are breast pills, breast creams and breast pumps. Breast creams are one of the modern methods. This sort of treatment is so effective because the creams are absorbed through your skin. The product will go instantly into your skin, then proceed straight away with your blood flow when you apply this lotion to it. The liver and kidney wills bypass. This breast cream will make you breast bigger. You can take advantage of it with the breast enlargement supplements, to get the best result.

Some reviews say that there are some certain products that give you zero results. You should choose the trusted breast cream that is safe for your health.

Does breast pills effective?


There are some trusted breast enlargement pills that are 100% safe for women. These tablets contain the valuable herbs that can increase your breast size. The substances of breast pills will likewise make your breast fitter. The herbs that are included in the supplements are fennel seeds, wild yam, ginseng, fenugreek and Ginkgo Biloba. However, you need to remember that no all the brand will give you the same result. You need to do research first to choose the right pills that are efficient and safe for you. Once again, you need to select the proper breast product. It’s also known that there are many breast pill products that are worthless.

What about Breast Pumps?


Breast enlargement pumps are getting familiar now. A breast pump will be appropriate for you who do not desire to have breast enhancement tablets or lotions. Breast pump works naturally without using any negative substances that can damage your wellbeing. This apparatus includes the cups that are attached to the pump. The cups fit over breasts, and the pump will increase the pressure gradually. The pressure will create a vacuum in bust cells. It will make the fluids and fats go to space. This sort of motion will grow breast cells and eventually will make your chest growing.